Crossways Farm Summer update

26/8/2016 It has been a busy few months since welcoming my first ‘guinea pig’ guests at the end of April. A fair amount of frantic DIY and administration went into getting the finishing touches in place before and during the trial period (I hope no one looked too closely at the blackout lining!), which is now over, and ‘official’ bookings are starting off well. It has been a delight and not at all nerve-racking, thanks to all the willing guinea pigs who helped me get into practice before there was too much at stake!

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May Day celebrations

1/5/2016 It has been a first of May full of spring celebrations. In a way it feels like a second start of spring: right on cue for the arrival of my first ‘test’ visitors this weekend, the hail and snow stopped falling, the air warmed up, the sun came out and the ducklings from the nest in the flowerbed hatched today and spent the afternoon whizzing about on the pond.

new ducklings
New ducklings’ first outing on the pond

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Ducklings leave their nest

7/7/2015 The duck who has been sitting on 10 eggs under a bush outside the kitchen window started making little noises this morning. For a moment I wondered why…

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