Suffolk churches 35: Gipping and Winston (August 2017)

St Nicholas’, Gipping
I was driving northeast out of Stowmarket with the intention of visiting Mendlesham church on my way to Winston, where I was meeting Will for our last duet rehearsal before the next day’s four-church tour in west Suffolk. I thought I knew which route I wanted to take, having looked it up in advance, but my satnav had other plans. Normally I ignore it if I know roughly where I want to go, for fear it will take me to a main road I am specifically trying to avoid; this time, however, I realised too late that I was ‘somewhere else’, and so decided to see where it would lead me. Before long I was on windy lanes that I didn’t recognise, and a little while later, without so much as passing through a village, I spotted a sign to Gipping church. It pointed down a farm track. Almost without hesitation, I found myself taking a left turn.

Gipping chapel

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Crossways Farm Summer Update

Three chicks4/9/2017 This summer brought a record of 5 broody chickens all at once, causing egg-laying traffic jams, and challenged me to find an effective way to persuade them they were wasting their time (Dexter the rabbit had to rent out his pen for a few days). Apart from this, however, Dexter the Rabbit and Winston the Wood Pigeon (occasionally referred to as Winnie in case he’s a girl), have been having by far the most adventures this season. They are considering starting their own newspaper column, or perhaps clubbing together to write a children’s book… So I am handing over to them!

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