May Day celebrations

1/5/2016 It has been a first of May full of spring celebrations. In a way it feels like a second start of spring: right on cue for the arrival of my first ‘test’ visitors this weekend, the hail and snow stopped falling, the air warmed up, the sun came out and the ducklings from the nest in the flowerbed hatched today and spent the afternoon whizzing about on the pond.

new ducklings
New ducklings’ first outing on the pond

After many months of trying to attract them, I have seen greater numbers of goldfinches at the bird feeder this weekend than ever before. This morning I was treated to the sight of an extra-large stoat run across the garden (just keep away from my chickens please!), and a pied wagtail landed on the shed roof – I am not sure when I last saw one in the garden, if ever.

The swallows arrived two weeks ago, the oxlips and wild garlic are out in abundance in the local wood, and it is time to visit as many bluebell woods as possible in the next two weeks. The goats are also full of the joys of spring, dancing about the garden with abandon and nearly falling over in their enthusiasm.

One of the little piles of rocks by the pond that were intended as shelter for great crested newts was put to a wonderful new use this afternoon by the initiates into pond life – if you can spot them…

The icing on the cake is that I am able to share this day with my first guests, who are revelling in all of it!

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