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Secret cello In April 2017, I started a project to play my cello in all of Suffolk’s 500 medieval churches. The story began, really, with childhood bike rides punctuated by stops at village churches. Then it continued with my first ever concert in a Suffolk church at the age of 13, in Wattisham. When I moved to Suffolk in 2011, I started to explore the county more widely, wanting to get to know it intimately and discover all the hidden corners that no one will ever direct you to. My astonishment at the beauty and uniqueness of all the churches I stopped to visit on a journey to the coast was the next stage… accompanied by the acquisition of so many animals that I knew I would have to find new adventures close to home instead of far away. The addition of the cello was the last, entirely personal, piece of the puzzle to fall into place.

When I discovered just how many churches there are in Suffolk, I nearly abandoned the idea on the spot. It took another six weeks of mulling it over and chatting with friends to get past the feeling that it was simply too crazy to contemplate… You can read the whole story in my blog introduction, listen to the interview I gave near the start of my project in July 2017 on BBC Radio Suffolk or after completing my project (at 1 hr 26 mins).

I finished my project with a concert in my last Suffolk church, St Bartholomew’s, Orford, on 4th September 2021. The total came to 504 churches plus 7 additional historic chapels and churches! I am now writing a book about it.

As well as raising money for individual village churches by giving concerts, I have been fundraising through Justgiving for three charities involved in the upkeep of Suffolk’s churches. These are:

I would love to reach my target of raising £1000 for each of these three charities by the time my project finishes. If you value Suffolk’s churches and have enjoyed my blog or concerts over the last 4+ years, please do consider making a donation.
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Please choose from the links below to find out more about all the other aspects and outcomes of this project – still ongoing!

CD recording

I am planning to make a CD recording in a Suffolk church as a lasting memento of my church tour. I have completed a Crowdfunding campaign for this recording, which will include a commissioned solo cello piece by Benjamin Ellin. This commission will be premiered at a launch concert. Please click here or visit for more information.


If you would like to hear me play, I give fundraising concerts in village churches and play at events throughout Suffolk. You can see my concert calendar for 2021 here. You can also see past concerts and events here. If you would like me to play in your village or at an event, please contact me.


I have written about every church I have visited: please click here to find out more. Alternatively you can go straight to the Introduction, which will tell you the full story of how and why this project began. You can also subscribe to receive future instalments of my church blog using the Subscribe option on the right-hand side of this page, or in the top right-hand corner of any page of the website.

Other information

I teach the cello to older children and adults, approximately Grade 3 upwards. Please contact me for more information.

I have been making greeting cards from photos I have taken of Suffolk churches during my project. If you are interested in finding out more, or buying some of these cards, please contact me. I have special rates for cards to be sold in aid of village church funds.