Guest comments

Day 1: ‘Mummy, can we come and stay here more often?’
Day 2: ‘Mummy, I wish we could live here…’
4-year-old guest!

All this and moorhens on the lawn. What a happy-making place. To everyone else who stays here this year: I would say sorry but I was faced with a decision requiring the wisdom of Solomon when I heard that the quince jam was running out. In order to stop every future visitor quarrelling about it, I decided the only thing to do was eat it myself. It’s gone – until next year. And, yes, it was truly wonderful.
Angus, Plymouth.

‘The kids have voted Crossways Farm the best B&B we’ve ever stayed at!’
Lex, London.

‘We have just returned from a fantastic six nights at Crossways Farm and want to go back already! We enjoyed our stay so much; the very high standard of accommodation, delicious breakfast, fabulous garden with resident goats and hens along with the perfect host. Yalda has put a huge amount of thought, care and hard work into creating a wonderful Bed and Breakfast experience – every detail has been thought of from catering for individual tastes and dietary requirements, using locally and ethically sourced produce to the chocolates on our pillows at bedtime! Our children absolutely loved the animals and spacious garden, along with rowing on the pond. I can’t recommend Crossways highly enough – we will certainly be visiting again.’
Ruth and Sanjeev, London.

I have never written a review before but am making an exception for Crossways Farm as everything was simply perfect. We took a 14 year old and an 11 year old who are normally  glued to their phones but they didn’t even switch them on as they were too busy rowing the boat, playing tennis, collecting the eggs from the chickens, mucking around in the hammocks, playing football with the goats and looking out for the moorhen chicks. The accommodation was beautiful and the breakfast just amazing, Yalda thinks of everything and we will definitely be back.
Karen and Andrew, Kent.

‘… a little piece of heaven… We don’t want to leave but I think you know that already’.
Tina, Sweden.

‘If you have ever fantasised about the perfect country experience, birdsong, chickens, goats, delicious breakfasts and days spent swinging in hammocks reading your book, look no further. Yalda has managed to create magic. It is like the rural idyll has got up and come over to give you a warm hug. And Yalda as a host couldn’t have made our sketching holiday any better. Her attention to detail, her care and willingness to make our stay as pleasant and luxurious as possible was second to none. We were going to sketch around the coast, but once we arrived at Crossways Farm, we could hardly leave it, so we stayed and sketched there. Bliss.’
D. Manson, London.

‘Lost for words… our visit far surpassed any expectations. Yalda is so very thoughtful and everything you need is provided for. It is a very personable and friendly experience. It was ever so relaxing and peaceful. The sound of birds, the view of the pond, the beautiful pygmy goats to greet you in the morning along with the gorgeous chickens. I had a fear of touching animals and no one has been able to make me do it but here Yalda gently offered to hold the chicken so I could feel the feathers and they were softer than cotton wool and so beautifully intricate. The goats would do a little dance! Quite a delight! We enjoyed soaking the sun in the hammocks and the boat ride. Most of all I was able to cycle after 6 years and it was liberating and wonderful. The breakfast is varied, wholesome, nutritious and superb. It was truly a restorative healing experience. Nothing but praise. Lots of positive energy at Crossways. If only there were more places in the world that offered such genuine little retreats. A home away from home.’
Aaliyah, Essex.

‘We have just returned from a wonderful weekend at Crossways with our one year old and two year old. The L-shaped house is beautiful inside and out and is surrounded by gardens full of interest and loveliness. Our one year old couldn’t get enough strokes of the gentle goats Ilo and Felicity; our two year old loved gathering the fresh hen eggs in the mornings; we ate sweet russet apples picked fresh from the trees; we took the little rowing boat out on the moat; we had tea out on the terrace in full sunshine. We didn’t even get around to taking bikes out, we were having such a glorious time, but we will be back to do that another time. We feel refreshed and revitalised and ready to face the City again!’
Emma, London.

‘We received a warm welcome from our hostess, Yalda, who was wonderful throughout our visit in every way. It is evident that she loves this place, and with good reason. The old farmhouse is unique and beautiful, and the surrounding garden, complete with picturesque pond and bridge, is simply stunning. The room with adjacent bathroom, both recently and very tastefully redecorated, are just perfect for a romantic weekend away. The charm of the thatched roof, low doorways and quaint layout won both of us over immediately. Moreover, it is clear that every aspect of your stay has been thought about with great attention to detail, down to the hen-decorated linen napkins. Our breakfast was lovingly presented, copious and, above all, delicious: fresh eggs from the hens you might just spot outside while eating breakfast, homemade jams and local honey. Better still, we got the chance to soak up the early rays of sunshine in the garden in the early morning. A piece of heaven!’
Julia, Bristol.

‘Crossways is a peaceful sanctuary and certainly the place to BE. I am still awestruck with the space that Yalda and her animal friends have created. As a lacto vegan, all my dietary needs were catered for and I had the most delicious and nutritious breakfasts.’
Dina, London.