Autumn treasure 7: Sunsets

26/11/2018 I have noticed how many stunning sunsets we have had recently. I am sure it is because there have been so many clear days this autumn that they are more frequently visible than usual. I think it is also likely that I’m more often outdoors at the right time, often squeezing in a walk or a garden job before the light disappears. And the autumn colours certainly enhance their beauty.

But when I stopped to think about it, I concluded there was probably a more scientific explanation too: the angle of the sun is different, and a greater slant must contribute to greater scattering of light.

When I eventually remembered to look it up, I found this was indeed the case. Obviously the science is more complicated than my vague and simple understanding of angle and colour distribution, but my guess was along the right lines.

I have given up trying to capture sunsets on camera. Having waited more than a week on this occasion, a combination of more cloudy weather this week and the inability of my camera (most cameras, I think) to cope with such a range of colours and light mean that my patience has run out.

It’s fun to back up observation with fact, but even if it were simply due to the setting sun being more frequently visible this year, it reminds me of how grateful I am, and should be, for the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. All year round.